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Kinds of Baby Changing Stations

Baby changing stations are manufactured in a variety of designs and sizes. Most plastic changing stations are made from high density polyethylene and they are available in oval and rectangular shapes. The rectangular shaped stations are made in a horizontal and vertical design. Diaper changing stations are manufactured in polyethylene and stainless steel. It is important to choose a quality baby changing station for long, cost effective, service.
Horizontal Baby Changing Stations
The horizontal design is probably the most command design found in public restrooms. This design is the most accessible for reaching infants on the station. Both plastic and stainless steel baby changing stations are manufactured in surface mounted and recessed models and stylish colors.
Vertical Baby Changing Stations
Vertical design changing stations are general used when there is a limited amount of wall space. Both plastic and stainless steel vertical baby changing stations come in surface mounted and recessed models and a variety of luxury colors.
Oval Baby Changing Stations
Looking for more stylish changing stations? Then oval baby changing stations is the best for you because they provide a stylish look with all of the standard convenience of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). These products are built of durable plastics and are surface wall mounted and a great help to parents. Oval baby changing stations are manufactured by only two companies, Koala Kare Products, Diaper Depot and Happimore.
Baby changing stations are vital for all parents while shopping and traveling. They give parents a way to safely work with there child or infant on a sanitary surface. Infant changing tables do not take much space when they are not in use because they fold up and can be recessed in the restroom wall or mounted on the surface. ADA compliant stations protrude into the room no more that 4” when in the closed position.
Baby changing stations are installed in public restrooms from department stores to churches. States and local governments are making them available in public buildings. Some states require them in restrooms near public pools like Florida. Keep you patrons in your business by meeting their needs. Accommodate your patron’s infants and toddlers with safe and sanitary commercial baby changing stations available in both the women and men’s bathroom.



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